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What a heavy day!

Decided to randomly doodle up some alternate outfits of Demitri and his ghostly sidekick Artemis.
1) Skimpy Armor is the most protective.

2) Always be ready for a Beach episode.

3) Nothing says overwhelming dark powers like sex appeal.

4) This is the best pun ever.

5) I don’t recommend tying candles too your head, or summoning demons, Demi is a professional.

6) Who’s afraid of the Big Bishounen Wolf?

7) I dunno why they’re dressed like total losers, they probably lost a bet.

8) And an outfit swap, complete with magical hair growth.

I can not keep this girl’s design consistent. 
Just a quick doodle to show I can still draw I guess.

I can not keep this girl’s design consistent. 

Just a quick doodle to show I can still draw I guess.



I said I’d make something special for the 2k followers and I’m now reaching the 2500!

So let’s do this once and for all! If you’ve been on tumblr you’ll know what this is about:

Reblog and you get a chance to get a free drawing!

Just one winner this time! I’ll use some random number generator and with that I’ll pick a random user from the list!

Only the people that are currently following me get a chance to win

This is to celebrate that I got up to this number, so naturally the ones that deserve to win are the ones that got me here!

That also means that sideblogs don’t count, since those don’t show up on my folowers list! So either use your main account to reblog or leave a link to it on the account you’re using to reblog!

If I search the supposed winner and he isn’t following me or it shows after the current latest follower then I’ll pick another number!

I’ll pick a winner this saturday night (if I keep getting a lot of notes I can extend the time a bit though), and will message the winner once it gets chosen to ask what he wants to see.

The only rules is that I only accept one reblog per person, so everyone has the same chance of winning and to not get my activity window spammed. And I generally don’t accept NSFW (I MIGHT draw nude pinups, but depends on my mood, so you can try asking, but I’m also not forced to draw it either, which takes me to…). Last one, I can refuse to draw the request, and ask for something else, don’t wanna be working on some weird shit I wont enjoy, and you don’t wanna get some half assed thing either, so i’d rather avoid the situation :]

So that’s it! Good luck everyone! And thanks to the old and new followers! Wish I could draw something for each one of you =u=

Koidrake giveaway! Waaaahhhhh!!!

color practice or somethin’.
Drawin’ dead girls to feel alive.

color practice or somethin’.

Drawin’ dead girls to feel alive.

Commission Prices

Tentative Prices for those interested.

Sketch Bust - 5

Line Bust - 6

Color Bust - 8

Sketch Body - 8

Line Body - 12

Color Body - 15

Extra Characters - 5 per.

[NSFW Materials are okay, but I will refuse something if it makes me uncomfortable]


Hey there! You might have heard of Flutter Moth! If you haven’t you can play it by clicking that link right there. The character roster was recently expanded with krystalsfartblog and senorpacman's characters, and is due to expand a little more! There's also neat new gameplay modes coming, but we'll talk about that later!

To keep the variety of characters fun and interesting; not droll or redundant, there will be a pretty firm cap on how many characters there will be over all (not a ton). But here’s a chance to get one of your OCs in here! If you want!

  1. Reblog this post
  2. That’s it you’re entered.
  3. Winner will be drawn randomly from everyone who reblogged
  4. Your character will be in the game and you will be credited in the game if you win! There will also be a link to your blog if it is safe for work, otherwise it will just be a name credit.
  5. OCs will be subject to approval of course. Obvious edits of copyrighted characters won’t work out for example.
  6. Giveaway ends two weeks from now on Sunday 2nd March.

C’mon enter! And signal boost please! ( Signal boosting counts as an entry it’s win/win! F) )

I manage this drunk…HOW!?

I manage this drunk…HOW!?

and another cutsie doodle.

and another cutsie doodle.